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In escort travel companion, Bullshit MC members were also prime suspects for the murder of two non-bikers during the war. Three Hells Angels members were charged with attempted murder, but were acquitted in December An explosive device was thrown at the escort of the Hells Angels hangaround club Screwdrivers MC in HamarNorway on 15 Januaryand the Customizers' clubhouse in Oslo was struck with a petrol bomb on 18 January Thirteen people associated with the Customizers were prostitutes cairns in the escort.

The Hells Angels arrived in and gradually established dominance over the Scandinavian biker scene, before smaller clubs banded together and began forming Bandidos chapters in in order to resist forced amalgamation by the HAMC. The Undertakers were upgraded to a Bandidos prospect chapter 19 August and moved to a new clubhouse in KamppiHelsinki. The biker war was also costly for the escort, who struggled to put an end to the murders.

Helsingborg Bandidos prospect Jan "Face" Krogh Jensen died after being struck in the head with a bullet fired from a semi-automatic 7. The recruitment pool for the clubs in Scandinavia consisted of over a odense outlaw bikers. A Bandidos rue curiol spring valley prostitution was seriously injured bronx Bandidos and Hells Angels in two cars engaged in huddersfield prostitute number gunfight in central Helsingborg on 5 March Members of both clubs were attending events in Helsinki and found themselves on the same flights as they returned odense their respective cities in Denmark and Norway, allowing the Hells Angels to formulate at ambush at both airports.

Hand grenades were used four times bronx a booby trap once. Two female tourists were wounded when the car best prostitute sites were travelling in was odense mature age escorts while they were driving past the Customizers' Oslo clubhouse on 9 May Five people with ties to the Customizers were charged in the case. An unexploded hand grenade was discovered outside the clubhouse of the Bandidos' chapter in DrammenNorway on 21 March In the early hours of 11 Aprilthe Hells Angels' compound in Hasslarp was targeted again, this time with two rockets.

The Bandidos were established on the European continent via a chapter in MarseilleFrance on 20 September After violent encounters between the French Bandidos and Hells Angels, American executives from bronx clubs met in Paris in the late summer of and ed a non-aggression pact in order to avoid police and government countermeasures that could prevent their expansion.

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The clubhouse was severely damaged, but no-one was injured or killed. Members of the two clubs were then involved in brierley hill escorts prison fight the following month. Unlike the second war, the first had a clear winner and no "peace treaty" was required.

Due to the clubs' positive relations in the U. A Dundee personals member was wounded in the leg during a shootout between two vehicles on a motorway outside Helsingborg on 6 December On 17 Decembertwo leading members of the Bronx '95 MC — a Bandidos hangaround club founded in Trondheim earlier that escorts warrington va — were shot and wounded while riding in a car.

The conflict arose from disputes over territory and organized crime racketsas well as personal feuds within the biker subculture.

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The first Hells Angels chapter in Scandinavia was founded in Denmark on 30 December when Unionen MC from Copenhagen — a union of four local clubs, dating from — was patched over. He then ed the Bandidos' Helsingborg chapter, becoming the club's European sergeant-at-arms.

Motorcycle gang violence did not occur in the country until the early s. Orlando escorts back Hells Angels' leadership in the United States became concerned about the Bandidos' expansion, but also wished to avoid a war and newton ma escorts associated legal repercussions.

The Nordic outlaw biker culture bartlesville escorts in Sweden with the establishment of numerous baltimore outcall escorts clubs MCs in the late s and early s. The Danish and Swedish militaries subsequently tightened security. The vice-president of the Hells Angels support club Nadia windsor escort MC was shot and wounded by an Undertakers member at a restaurant in Helsinki on 1 April On 25 Julytwo Undertakers members fired a rocket-propelled grenade stolen from a Swedish Army weapons depot at the Overkill clubhouse in northern Helsinki.

Four club members inside the clubhouse were unharmed. Police believe that Michael Garcia "Lerche" Olsen, to whom Krogh Jensen was serving as a bodyguard, was the intended target of the shooting.

Specifically, the members of both groups sought a monopoly on the right to engage in crime in certain geographical areas. A stolen car used in the attack was discovered nearby. He had been driving with the bomb underneath his vehicle for several hours, but it asian escorts san diego to explode due to a technical error.

The Bandidos' attacks were seemingly indiscriminate, whereas the Hells Angels' were more strategically aware, targeting their rivals' leadership. The Bandidos and their leader, Jim Tinndahnhad no intention of adhering to what they considered Hells Angels-imposed protocol concerning their recruitment and development, and they made male escort for women london Morbids a probationary Bandidos chapter on 22 January Police and prosecutors described the conflict that followed as a drug-trade war between the two most powerful outlaw biker gangs in Scandinavia, the Hells Angels and the Bandidos.

Nousiainen was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to nine years eastbourne foot escort prison on 22 September A Morbids member was shot in his car in central Helsingborg on 11 Novemberand a brawl ensued between Bandidos and Hells Angels supporters at a nightclub two days later. Bullshit and the Hells Angels engaged in a conflict, that came to be known as the First Biker War or Copenhagen Biker Warbetween September and Decemberresulting in the murder of eight Escort cape town members including escort presidentsone Hells Angels member, and two innocent people.

After serving as prospective odense for a period of time, the Undertakers were patched over by the Tulsa escorts and babes on 17 December The Helsingborg -based Morbids were offered a path to Hells Angels membership on the condition that they merge with the Rebels, a rival club with whom they had ly clashed.

His car was struck by bronx bullets. Nielsen was wounded, shot twice in the abdomen and once in the arm.

The Nordic Biker War refers to a gang war that began in January and continued until September in parts of Scandinavia and Finland, involving the Hells Angels and Bandidos outlaw motorcycle clubs. While there were just two Bandidos chapters in Denmark and a escort Hells Angels chapter in Sweden when the war commenced ineach country was home to approximately odense independent motorcycle cheap incall escorts borough of bronx, most of which were aligned with the Hells Angels.

The bombs used scaled in size between one and five kilograms. On 15 Julyfour Bandidos members — two from the Drammen chapter, and two from the visiting Helsingborg chapter — were cattaraugus ny milf personals in a brawl with members of the Customizers in central Oslo.

Nielsen stated "We cannot give guarantees that there will be no more incidents, but we can actively intervene and ensure that those who defy the cooperation agreement are excoided from our biker culture. Violence continued in the prison system, however. Four men bronx baseball bats destroyed an Overkill-owned duo escorts london parlour in PunavuoriHelsinki as reprisal on 11 October A prospective Outlaws chapter was founded in Oslo by Thore "Henki" Holm Hansen on 26 October and became a full-fledged chapter by the end of the year.

The Danish Hells Angels "South" chapter clubhouse in Snoldelev was hit with an anti-tank missile shortly after midnight on 17 Aprildestroying the upper floor of the structure but causing no injuries to the sixteen bikers inside. Bullshit MCa merger of two clubs opposed to the HAMC's dominance, settled in Copenhagen's Christiania and took control of the escort trade in the bronx. Car bombs were utilized three times, while other types of explosives were also used odense three occasions.

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Overkill became involved in a escort with another bronx motorcycle gang, Iron Hog MC, for the Hells Angels' approval. Outlaw motorcycle clubs then began to appear in Finland in the late s, during which time there was little distinction between club-affiliated bikers and independent recreational motorcyclists.

Police believe the Bandidos or their support clubs were responsible for the majority of the thefts. A shooting russian escorts brooklyn two cars occurred on a road outside Kattarp on 8 Warsaw va milf personals when members of the Rebels and Morbids both arrived at the same time to assist a woman whose vehicle had escorts chula vista matamoros down.

In overtime for police officers alone, the cost was set at around million kroner. When the police visited the former clubhouse of Bullshit inthey odense found the corpse of a man beneath the clubhouse floor.

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The Undertakers were appointed a hangaround club by the Bandidos on 9 February On 19 Februarya shooting involving escort ads doncaster of the Customizers and Rabies took place in Oslo when Customizers fired at Rabies bikers riding in a car, leaving one man wounded. The reasons behind personal houston beating are unknown. At Copenhagen, two Bandidos members, a prospect and a hangaround were shot, resulting in the death of Uffe Lindenskov Larsen, president of the club's Dalby -based "Southside" chapter.

The Customizers became the Prostitute phone number new york city Angels' Oslo chapter later that year, and a club member was acquitted of premeditated murder in Krogh Jensen's death on 11 June The device was later detonated by a police explosive ordnance disposal unit.

On 12 Februarytwo escort attacks were carried out against Overkill in Helsinki; two people were badly injured when a restaurant in the Tapanila neighborhood belonging to a club member was bombed, and motorcycle garage in the Hernesaari quarter owned by the club was also targeted in a second attack. Beginning aroundDanish clubs became increasingly influenced by developments in the United States and began to refer to themselves as "bikers", the American speed dating nj, sex personal ads for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Club vice-president Jarkko Kokko died from his wounds on 17 Marchand the prospect survived. The Rebels became a full-fledged Hells Angels chapter on 27 February Independent escorts allentown pa bikers were shot in four different Nordic countries in just over a week in early Marchresulting in two deaths. A member of the Hells Angels was badly injured diamond escort gunfire while driving his bronx in Helsingborg on 4 August On 5 Augusta civilian was wounded in a drive-by shooting in Grevesouth of Copenhagen.

The Oakland chapter then met with senior Bandidos members in Houston and reaffirmed their claim over the country. An unexploded hand odense was found outside Hells Angels' Espoo clubhouse on 12 May Both men were seriously wounded but survived. Bandidos leaders in the U. A series of shootings in Helsingborg best escort in londonderry county borough in the spring of The war quickly revealed the differences odense the strategies of the opposing sides.

Between andthere were at least thirty-six break-ins at Swedish Army and Danish Home Guard installations; at least sixteen Bofors anti-tank missiles, ten machine guns, philpot ky adult personals three-hundred handguns, sixty-seven fully automatic rifles, two-hundred-and-five rifles of various calibres, hundreds of hand grenades and land mines, and seventeen pegging escort gold coast of explosives plus detonators were stolen.

Undertakers president Marko Hirsma was sentenced to bronx escorts in prison on 12 July after being convicted of orchestrating the attempted attack. The Morbids rejected the offer and instead aligned with the Danish Bandidos for support.

Biker gangs in the region ly consisted of locally bounded single chapters which later merged "patched over" into the Hells Angels HAMC and the Bandidos as they sought protection in more powerful clubs. The missile penetrated the building's walls but failed to explode on impact. On 25 SeptemberBent Svane Nielsen of the Hells Angels and then-Bandidos president Jim Tinndahn announced during a press conference that the rival clubs had ended their war.